Terms of Participation

The prices are understood plus VAT.


Until midnight on 26 May 2023, applications in the categories Accomplishments of the Year and AI & Tools costs 390 Euro plus VAT.
Applications in the other categories cost 290 Euro.


During the Late Deadline between 27 May and 6 June 2023, every application comes with a late fee of 140 Euro.

During the Final Deadline between 7 June and 16 June 2023, every application comes with a final fee of 190 Euro.

The application check costs 50 Euro and can be optionally added to your application.

Invoices will be issued upon receipt of the completed application documents. Sent applications cannot be cancelled.

Further fees

There are no costs involved for being nominated or winning the Digital Communication Awards. The trophy, logos and certificates come free of charge. In case you win, we will send the trophy by post and charge 59 Euro for postage. Duplicates can be purchased for 369 Euro.