Terms of Participation

The prices are understood plus VAT.


Until midnight on 04 June 2019, the first application costs 290 Euro plus VAT and each additional application costs 190 Euro plus VAT. Exempt are applications for categories in the sector “Accomplishment of the Year”. Every application in this category – no matter if it’s the first or additional application – costs 390 Euro.

During the Late Deadline between 05 June and 14 June, every application comes with a late fee of 120 Euro. During the Final Deadline between 15 June and 24 June, every application comes with a final fee of 170 Euro

Invoices will be issued upon receipt of the completed application documents. Sent applications cannot be cancelled. Participation in the categories “Best Bachelor’s Thesis” and “Best Master’s Thesis” are exempt of the submission fee. Tickets for the Award show need to be purchased separately.

Award show

The tickets for the award show can be purchased after publication of the shortlist. The first and second ticket costs 350 Euro plus VAT. Each additional ticket costs 290 Euro plus VAT. Attending the Award show is not mandatory in order to win the Award.