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DCA 2018 @ Glashaus

Winnerlist 2018

01. Campaign of the YearWinnerIKEA ITALIA RETAILTitle:No Room for ViolenceIn occasion of the International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, IKEA Italy launched together with the NGO Telefono Donna, the multi-channel campaign “No room for violence” to raise awareness on domestic abuse through in-store, social media, PR, Public Affairs and digital PR communication …

Winners 2018

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5. CompaniesWinnerContinental Automotive GmbHTitle:Interactive image brochure ContinentalAgency:TYPODROM WERBEAGENTUR GmbHGood literature needs to serve two purposes to be successful: to provide readers with a comprehensive view of what the company has to offer and to get attention and convert that attention into sales and contacts. This interactive image brochure did not just pave the way for …

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2015 @ TIPI am Kanzleramt

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30. Social Media PlatformWinnerItakTitle:Itak Moč besed (Itak Power of words)Agency:Pristop d.o.o.Young people today are often confronted with hate speech and cyberbullying when browsing the web. The Itak Moč besed (Power of Words) initiative’s goal is to bring focus on this subject and enable engaged youngsters to cooperate in establishing a more tolerant online environment. The …

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