Digital Awards 2020

Early Deadline

11 August

Late Deadline

21 August

Final Deadline

31 August

Digital Communication Awards 2020

Celebrating achievements in PR & Communications

For the first time, the DCA will be completely digital – from the submissions and online voting to the final winner announcement.


The Digital Communication Awards have rewarded outstanding online projects and campaigns since 2011. Hosted by Quadriga University, the awards are open to companies and agencies, associations and NGOs, political institutions and parties from all over the globe.

From Viral Campaigns to Data-Driven Communication, Recruiting and Employer Branding to Chat Bots and Podcasts:

If it’s digital, it’s at the DCA.

This year, voting will take place entirely online.

At the same time, every category will have a gold, silver and bronze winner.

01. Best Small Budget Campaign
Necessity is the mother of invention, and digital excellence often happens on a shoestring. This category gives those working with tighter budgets the chance to shine without being pitted against the much bigger budgets of digital giants. This category honours the best campaign with a maximum budget of 10,000 Euro per year.
02. Best Brand Campaign
This category celebrates the outstanding brand campaigns of the past 12 months, campaigns that bring into play the full range of online and digital tools, channels and platforms to create a powerful, engaging campaign that delivers on the brand strategy and makes an impression on the public. This category also includes digital campaigns that are created for the management of a brand's (online) reputation.
03. Best Purpose-Driven Campaign
Today’s companies are expected to stand up for something, while survey after survey shows that millennials prefer to donate their time, attention and loyalty to socially conscious brands. This category rewards digital communication with a social message that have truly connected brands, audience and society.
04. COVID-19: Internal Communications
The urgent move to remote working for many organisations brings challenges of cooperation, teamwork and culture. How to implement a “single source of truth” to a remote workforce, how to decide what is right amount of info to give employees, establishing clear lines of communication between HR and every employee, and how to scale IT strategy up to global comms teams are just a few of the questions facing internal comms teams. In any cases, we have also witnessed the return of recorded video – video messages from CEOs as means of continuing face-to-face communications, for example. This category rewards outstanding examples of internal digital communications that motivate, lift morale and answer the technical, operational, organisational, cultural and human resources challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.
05. COVID-19: Brand Communications and Storytelling
For many brands, the potential media footprint during the COVID-19 crisis is higher than normal, bringing opportunities but also risks – especially with such high levels of fear and misinformation. Audiences expect brands to show leadership in crisis, and every outward-facing message from an organisation will be scrutinised. This category rewards brand communications – whether community management or content marketing, storytelling or product communications - that sensitively and appropriately handles the subject of COVID-19, and which understand how brands can be useful during this crisis, and how to react to changes in needs, behaviour and brand interactions of audiences.
06. COVID-19: Events & Online Broadcasts
From museum tours to opera, theatre or live concerts – organisations around the world have embraced the opportunity to connect with their audiences by broadcasting content and events - and finding new audiences as a result. Whether live event or repurposed content, virtual tour or broadcast platform, one off event or a regular series, this category showcases the innovative measures taken by organisation to provide information, education and entertainment to people in their homes.
07. COVID-19: Purpose Driven Communications
In uncertain times good communication is extremely important. Encouraging the people, sending positive messages, helping fellow human beings, making them laugh, explaining in an understandable way. These kind of things and many more had to be done in a really short time and in a creative way. We honour the campaing or project that contributed to the common good with positive vibes.
08. Multichannel Communications
Audiences expect to receive personalized, relevant communications that steals their attention away from their busy schedule; the winner of this category uses available technology to ensure that the target audience is presented with information - and the ability to react to information - across multiple channels.
09. Storytelling
Simply put, stories sell. A narrative presented in compelling and emotionally engaging formats - possibly featuring interactives, graphics, long reads, news games and data visualizations - wins hearts and minds, and bring strategies and values to life. The award in this category goes to the best tale, told by an organisation with a mix of traditional storytelling techniques and cutting edge digital tools.
10. Content Marketing
Top-notch copywriting, multimedia elements such as images and video, connected narratives across several digital media platforms, and a consumer-focused narrative: some of the key ingredients for successful content marketing. This category is looking for well-researched digital content marketing strategies that successfully cut through the clickbait to position the brand and deliver on the brand promise.
11. B2B Communications
From website to SEO and content, social media and pay per click, integration of on and offline – the tools for digital B2B Communication are as varied as those in B2C. Examples that show clear progress in achieving strategic B2B goals are rewarded in this category.
12. Influencer Communications
Online influencers – whether celebrities, experts, social media stars or other noteworthy figures – can add credible third-party testimonials to your social media strategy. But identifying, retaining and measuring them needs careful planning: cases where influencer comms have backfired are highly-publicised. This category celebrates examples that use influencers authentically and strategically, with deliverable results and a through consideration of ethics and disclosure.
13. Internal Communications
When it comes to internal communication and engaging employees, successful companies are leveraging the opportunities of the digital age, withchannels like management blogs, video messages, live chats or employee apps combining several advantages like being fast, personal, authentic and interactive. The winning projects in this category will demonstrate delivering internally on the organizational strategy by meeting objectives.
14. Event & Experiential Marketing
Whether an unforgettable experience that embodies your brand, or an internal digital event that brings employees together, digital drives awareness, participation and engagement, and needs a killer digital marketing strategy and an unique experience – online and offline.
15. Disruptive Communications
Digital communications that stand apart from the status quo in your field or industry, and/or that revolutionise your approach to communications, are celebrated in this category.
16. Community Management
Maintaining an online community based on strong stakeholder relationships can boost customer retention and the emotional connection between them and your brand. A place where you can interact with target audiences on a regular basis, encouraging discussions and asking questions, online community management needs success metrics, guidelines, close monitoring and lively networking and discussion.
17. CSR Communications
Corporate social responsibility communication is in a state of transformation, as organisations adapt to technological developments and new digital-first communication approaches. This category celebrates outstanding online and digital examples of CSR communications, whether targeted internally or externally.
18. Website (Corporate, Microsite, Career)
Great design, smart navigation, compelling content, calls to action, clever CMS, perhaps a blog, analytics and SEO, mobile design, social media links... these are some of the ingredients of a solid corporate website, the public face of your organisation. The winner of this category will build on those ingredients and deliver on the organizational professed mission, vision and purpose.
19. CSR & Annual Report
In a content-saturated environment, immersive digital reports do more than just impress stakeholders; they are a differentiating format that brings life to the data that underpins your work, and tell a compelling, interactive and mobile-friendly story about your organisation. Winners in this category find the narrative in numbers, and deliver it digitally.
20. Content & Publishing (Blog, Podcast, Magazine, Newsroom, App)
Whether standalone publications on the web, native apps for iOS or Android, a new podcast or a blog on the corporate website, digital publishing encompasses a variety of channels that push specialised content towards target groups based on occupation or interests, as well as catching the attention of a wider public. Examples that do this while also conveying the organisation’s messages and engages with stakeholders will success in this category.
21. Film & Video
Online is the natural home for corporate film and video: engaging, interactive, colourful online videos have the luxury of telling in-depth stories in a way that other media cannot quite achieve. Distributed through social media channels and via email marketing, the best examples do not necessarily need complicated graphics or high-budget live action: the winner of this category will use their online presence to maximise the spread of their video.
22. Video Series
Building loyalty through video storytelling over several episodes offers organisations an opportunity to create content that grows audiences, tells stories in depth, and build up real momentum.
23. Social Media Platform
A target group-facing social media presence is an integral part of digital communication. The best are characterised by authenticity, credibility and transparency. In this category, the Digital Communication Award will be given to the platform that takes target group needs, preferences and limitations in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other online communities into account. It uses dialogue options with a customized and appealing presentation of the channel's messages.

Meet our jury

The DCA jury comprises experienced digital leaders from business, academia, non-profit, finance and more, ensuring that your applications will be thoroughly evaluated from a wide range of independent perspectives, and at the highest standards.

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