Accomplishment of the Year

The Campaign of the Year uses innovative digital communication channels and places their messages most efficiently, increasing their online presence and reputation. The Digital Communication Award in this category will honour a stand-out case of a successfully-run campaign that represents rigorous planning, extraordinary execution, and a thorough evaluation that managed to exceed the campaign’s objectives and applied authentic and transparent communication.

Contemporary online communications offer an inexhaustible range of tools, instruments, apps, channels, and games. Implementing an integrated long term strategy for digital communications requires a policy-based communication. This Digital Communication Award thus celebrates a strategic concept that has meaningfully and meticulously managed the diversity of the online sector and that has most brilliantly navigated through the wide arena of online communications.

In order to generate progress, innovation is needed. Even though the technical sphere within the field of online communications seems infinite, new developments and mind blowing projects are driven by creative and courageous thinkers. This award honours concepts and ideas that go beyond the known limits of digital channels, exploring the road less-travelled, taking communications into uncharted territory and leading the development of online communications.

There are many different ways for teams to do digital communications. Digital teams may focus on customer service, marketing, fundraising, Public Relation, Public Affairs or internal communications via social media and beyond. It is their passion for all things digital, their collaboration beyond borders, timezones or timetables and savvy use of tools, monitoring and measurement that makes them stand out. The Digital Communication Award in this category honors the work and collaboration of an in-house or agency team who can make a strong case of how digital media, communication and collaboration supported their innovative, strategic and effective approach to meeting their goals.

Projects & Strategies

By making use of online communications campaigns and projects, as well as using carefully selected digital communications channels, a company can spread their designated messages onto their target groups. The Digital Communication Award in this category rewards the campaign or project which uses online tools most intelligently to keep their eclectic target groups well informed and mobilised and proves a forward-thinking outlook.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have always been innovators and drivers regarding communications for a certain cause. Associations bring their topics onto the public agenda and thereby gain political and social influence. The internet facilitates this process by serving as a communication platform that allows for a specific and wide targeting – whether external or internal – it may reach an exceptional extent. The best examples of raising awareness, raising funds, setting out arguments or mobilising action in the virtual world will be given the Digital Communication Award in this category.

Governments, ministries, academic facilities, authorities and administrations work for the public and their interest. Not only for legitimisation but also for generating interest, these institutions need to present their results and foster an open dialog with the public. Digital media channels serve a large variety of tools to fulfill these tasks. This category awards the online campaign or project which has best utilised the possibilities of digital communications for the purpose of enlightening the public debate.

Who might be the most demanding customers? Most likely other businesses. This is hardly surprising considering the vast amounts involved in business-to-business transactions. Given these high stakes, the B2B campaign or project representing the best formulation of strategic goals, innovative implementation of creative ideas, continuous optimisation, and intense evaluation will be honoured with the Digital Communication Award.

The field of digital communications offers a vast amount of possibilities to present and promote a product. It is a brands challenge to choose the right strategy to introduce the product to a new target group. This can also be a crowdfunding campaign or e-commerce project. This category will reward the most creative and successful campaigns and projects which have mastered this quest.

The launch of a new product is a comprehensive task that requires the most innovative introduction of the new product including viral campaigns and projects, full-width presence in social communities and digital exploration of potential target groups. This category thus aims at awarding the product launch that best fits these criteria.

Employer branding is the vital art of managing the corporate brand through the eyes of current and potential employees. In order to shape a company’s reputation, a recruitment campaign can move mountains. Transporting this traditionally offline field to the digital arena is thus indispensable in the fight for the best talents. The best online establishment of an organisation is the focus of this category.

The digital age introduces a new set of rules for issues management. Today news travels faster and reaches a lot more people than before. How do you react to negative opinions in an appropriate and faster way? Projects that deal with issues that could extraordinarily affect ongoing business strategy will be honoured in this category.

How did your project go viral and get noticed by the entire world? This category recognises campaigns that have generated buzz and awareness in record time with emphasis on utilizing digital and social platforms. The Jury is looking for projects that stand out from the crowd – and went viral all by themselves. For instance, a fantastic viral video.

Strategic internal communications has been shifted into the digital realm. In-house networks, wikis, internal blogs and social media channels create a wide range of possibilities for a company to ensure that everyone inside the company is on the same page. These in-house platforms can generate change within the company. This category will honour sustainable internal online communications. This could also be a change project.

Digital methods play a major role in the professional representation of public affairs. This category will reward the public affairs strategy that successfully serves the online world, combining the political and media space with the necessary expertise, experience, finesse and precision needed for the political process.

The public’s acceptance of businesses is increasingly linked to their social and ecological activities. Corporate social responsibility practices give companies and organisations the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the world through their social and environmental commitment. Digital communication in this field should apply a transparent, credible, and comprehensive approach.

The category recognizes a campaign or project that has achieved excellent results across different media channels. The Jury will be looking for examples of significant growth and/or creative use of a different marketing mix. This category is open to campaigns that make use of a range of media, reworking and adjusting content and ideas to take advantage of different platforms whilst remaining creatively consistent and strategic.

Content Marketing targets audiences with information, advice, and entertainment in order to acquire customers and to strengthen a brand. For this strategy, news, videos, e-books, case studies, photo journals, and many more digital tools may be applied. The winner in this category has conducted a strategically structured concept that focused on communicating with customers and prospects.

In an era of information overflow, it has become crucial for brands to engage stakeholders and secure their attention through honest and authentic “stories”. This category recognizes campaigns or projects that use digital storytelling as an empowerment marketing tool. The project or campaign that successfully accomplishes to shift the focus of the brand to become the facilitator of everyone’s journey and emphasize the hero in all of us will take the trophy home.

Loyalty is a big part of today’s digital world where consumers are constantly bombarded with different messages from different brands. In order to build and deepen the consumers’ relationship with your own brand, smart and innovative campaigns are needed. That’s why this category celebrates new strategies that go beyond the well-trodden paths and explore new territory.

Opinion leaders have always been important in communication but in the digital world that appreciates peer insight, their position is even stronger. In order to drive brand success, communication departments and agencies include key influencers in their communication strategies. This is how bloggers, video bloggers as well as celebrities impact the consumers’ decision-making process. The Award goes to the influencer outreach campaign/project that proves its strategic and effective use digital media and communication while also considering how they attained authenticity and credibility.

Online competitions promote a hands-on approach to creating or fostering identification with the organisation, and to supporting brand and image building. This category will seek an outstanding online competition that fits seamlessly into the overall strategy of the organisation, fully exploring the digital possibilities in this area in a creative and innovative way.

Customer service is one of the best forms of marketing. Social media provides one of the easiest ways for companies to directly interact with their customers. This category recognises companies that are using customer-focused social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to provide information and assistance for an unforgettable customer journey.

Media & Tools

A corporate website is quite often the first impression the audience gets. Thus, in these days it is the backbone of a company, association, organisation, or institution and functions as an inevitable tool for digital communications. This category will reward an excellent website, whose content, navigation, functionality and design meet the highest standards, and fit perfectly into the organisation’s communications goals.

The microsite for a product or a campaign impresses with minor navigation depth and only a few pages. It possesses an own URL and talks to target groups as an addition to the main website. The award in this category goes to the most innovative mini-site that functions as a discrete entity within an existing website.

The traditional dusty reports have evolved into digital publications, which use modern, media-friendly technology to awaken emotions and set the scene for readers. In this category the Digital Communication Awards will be received by the company or organisation which has mastered to create an innovative report (such as annual reports, CSR reports etc.) that possesses a variety of interactive options, constant quality and a design par excellence that actively involves the reader.

Online communications and its instruments play an important role in internal communication, which is mostly organised around an intranet site. This category searches for a perfectly manageable user interface, high speed and optimised internal information flows, and organisational processes. The winning (social) intranet presence further impresses with a high level of transparency in all functions and characteristic of being adjusted to individual needs.

This category is looking for platforms that use an innovative approach to communicating with specific target audiences. Excellent platforms entail not only moderation and control but at the same time feedback and dialogue. These platforms can be newsrooms, web and B2B portals or online shops and other communication platforms. The Digital Communication Award recognises innovative platforms that provide information to their target audience whilst providing an outstanding interactive environment.

Blogs are unique as they live through the personality of their authors and the creative freedom available for targeted information and opinion exchange. The award in this category will be given to an organisation’s weblog that has managed to walk the fine line between blogging and representing the brand, either internally or externally. The winning blog will create credibility and authenticity, and construct a stable relationship between sender and receiver.

Smartphones gave digital communications the ultimate kick up to where they are today. But more importantly they ensure continuous availability and the ability to intervene in digital events at any time. Apps offer extensive functionality and enable efficient use of various web applications. The Digital Communication Award in this category recognises outstanding and pioneering innovation in the field of mobile and Apps.

Events that take place in the virtual world are not limited by geographical boundaries or time zones and have become more and more important as they distribute digital communities. Streaming technologies, for example, enable a single event to be seen by audiences around the globe. This category rewards the online event that is unique in its scope of creative planning and implementation, as well as, considering its high levels of involvement among their participants.

Web magazines impress and win over their readers with professional and specific content either tailored for a designated target group or more general in nature, addressing a larger section of the public. The winning web magazine will impress with its integrated strategy and manage to secure a permanent place in the competitive media landscape.

Corporate films can achieve unexpected popularity on the internet. They create a stronger profile and a wider presence of its sender. Pictures and music can inspiring positive emotions and open the opportunity to build confidence and curiosity. The award will go to the submission which, through innovation and narrative power, and by considering its use of modern digital features and high technology, rises above the other entrants with its original content and thematic approach.

As internet users are becoming less willing to read long texts, videos are an excellent way to bring one’s message across. This category involves online videos produced as part of a series, an individual segment, or as independently streamed content. Videos in this category are unique, compelling, creative and of high quality. In this category, the Jury is looking for unique, compelling creative and of high quality.

Data has taken hold of PR and campaign creation in a big way. Data-driven communications set up for a more grounded monitoring approach and content creation objectives (targeting your content, a data-driven strategy, product development or audience analytics). This category is open to a company or agency (+ their client), that has creatively and successfully used data at all stages of a campaign or project, e.g. project creation, management and project measurement.

A target group-oriented social media platform is part of a modern online communication strategy and is characterised by inclusiveness, authenticity, credibility and transparency. The award in this category will go to the online platform(s) which, in the context of individual communications and against the backdrop of target group needs, engage in dialogue with its community while presenting adapted and attractive messages to expand its influence. If you have a successful Facebook, Twitter or Instagram presence, this is your category.

Social media is an increasingly important weapon in the communicator’s arsenal, and while there are numerous risks associated with social media use, a well-defined strategy can reach new audiences and improve the perceptions of an organisation fundamentally. In this category we are looking for well-thought out and strategical placed social media campaigns that have reached their target group online.

Starting a digital campaign is the first step. The second step has become even more valuable in today’s customer-driven world. Performance measurement is the ongoing monitoring and reporting of your accomplishments. The Jury is looking for projects which use a well-conceived strategy, tools and devices to analyse their project’s performance and measurement. This can also be an analytics tool, which can be submitted together with a best practice example of a client.

Academic Entries

Bachelor’s dissertations that take an academic approach to digital communications are welcome in this category. The professional relevance and innovative nature of this thesis, coupled with a sound evaluation, are the key factors for the Jury.

Dissertations have to cover a digital relevant and related topic. Apart from the use of secondary and primary sources, it includes an element of research and analysis or develops a conceptual/theoretical model and is single authored.

Submissions in this category contribute to the clarification of scientific theory or practical problems and gaps in research in the field of online communications. The winning entry provides a thorough academic treatment of the subject, including a clear focus on application.

Dissertations have to cover a digital relevant and related topic. Apart from the use of secondary and primary sources, it includes an element of research and analysis or develops a conceptual/theoretical model and is single authored.