Please note:

You do not have to enter an industry category to take part in the competition.

You are allowed to enter one project in more than one category. Or enter several projects in the same category.

The industry categories are not limited to one focus in communications. Every project in the industry is allowed to enter. The jury will award the most innovative and creative project in the whole industry no matter the topic.

Accomplishments of the Year

There are as many different ways for teams to 'do' digital communications as there are channels, tools and platforms. Teams may focus on customer service, marketing, fundraising, public relations, public affairs or internal communications via social media and beyond. In such a crowded field, what marks out the best teams behind the messages? It's the combination of passion (for working with all things digital, collaborating beyond borders, time zones or timetables) and expertise (in their use of tools, monitoring and measurement) that determines the winners of this category. This award goes to the in-house or agency team that makes the strongest case for how digital media, communication and collaboration supports innovative and effective approach to meeting strategic goals.

Progress requires innovation. Even though the technical tools of online communications seem to have infinite possibilities, it is the creative and courageous thinkers who ultimately drive new developments and mind-blowing projects. This category honours concepts and ideas that go beyond the known limits of digital channels, exploring the road less travelled, taking communications into uncharted territory and leading the development of online communications.

Online communications offer an inexhaustible range of tools, instruments, apps, channels and games that all promise quick wins. However, for long-term impact, digital communications need to be implemented and integrated in step with the corproate strategy. This category celebrates a strategic concept that has meaningfully and meticulously managed the diversity of the online sector and that has most brilliantly navigated through the wide arena of online communications.

This category gives those working with smaller budgets the chance to shine. Smaller yet equally innovative digital communication channels with significant online presence and strong campaigns deserve to be acknowledged in a way that does not pit them against the much bigger budgets of digital giants. This category honours the best campaign with a maximum budget of 10,000 Euro per year.

The award in this category goes to the stand-out campaign of a company over the past 12 months, the one that has best informed and mobilized target audiences through Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, communities, online platforms and sub-publishers. Whatever the medium, the Campaign of the Year maintains a coherent, cohesive message, engages audiences in dialogue, and shows clear strategic thinking behind its choice of channels.

The Internet has created a communication space that opens up new possibilities for NGOs and social movements. Faced with the challenge of uniting and communicating the interests of different stakeholders, NGOs and social movements utilise their considerable social influence and convince with relevant topics. The online campaign that educates, informs and mobilizes best will be recognised in this category.

Associations and trade unions create political and social influence by giving their issues a voice. Digitization has created a communication space that allows the use of specific segments of the public. The winner of this category will be the online campaign that has succeeded in combining the individual spirit of the sender with the implemented measurements.

Projects & Strategies

In the digital world, the old cliché "communication is a two-way street" is blown out of the water: alwyas-on multi-channel communication empowers organisations to reach their target groups simultaneously via different channels - but also creates incredible demands on the organsiation to answer and be transparent to the multiple demands of online audiences. The Digital Communication Award for Multichannel Communications is awarded to the company or agency that wins and informs audiences cohesively and pervasively across multiple channels.

Today, audiences are overwhelmed with the flood of online information. Cutting through the noise and drawing attention to the most vital messages is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. This is where storytelling begins. Information that is narrated and conveyed in an interesting and attractive way keeps consumers on the hook. The award in this category goes to the best story, told honestly and authentically and which encourages interest and action.

We have all heard the saying "Content is King": target groups want to be informed and enthused with relevant content and not with promotional information. Content marketing therefore plays an increasingly important role in online communications. In this category, online content which positions the brand ideally, e.g. through newsletters, blogs, SEO or lead generation, is rewarded.

This category focuses on collecting, analysing and interpreting data in order to use it strategically to improve communications and to gain a better understand of target groups. Data-driven campaigns draw on analysis to optimally connect information collected offline and online. The award recognizes the campaign that has drawn on data to be optimally adapted (e.g. with AI) to the wishes and needs of the target group.

Events in the virtual world gain attraction in the offline world due to the spread of digital communities. They are not limited by geography and - due to their extremely high efficiency - are in no way inferior to real events. The increased volume of virtual and augmented reality also shows this. This category honours online events or live communication, which have been creatively planned and implemented, engage and entertain participants and set new technical standards. This can also be an internal digital event and is not limited to e.g. product presentations. VR and AR can be used as a digital communications tool.

In the war for talent, authenticity is key. A successful employer branding campaign should increase the efficiency of recruiting and lead to a higher identification of dedicated and qualified employees within the company. The winner of this category meets these requirements and shows the courage to follow new paths.

Corporate networks, wikis, internal blogs and social media channels offer tremendous opportunities for strategic internal online communication. The most holistic and sustainable internal online communication, which engages employees, reflects and grows their skills and abilities, and brings people closer to corporate strategy, will be awarded with the trophy in this category.

New products come and go - some so quickly that wide sections of the public have not noticed that they have even existed. Successfully establishing a product is a major challenge. The channel diversity of digital communication offers surprising new ways of delivering products to potential target groups. Digital communication alone or an integrated product campaign can be used. The award for this category goes to the product, which has successfully established itself on the market and opens new paths with its communication.

Strategic goal formulation, creative guiding principle, continuous optimization and intensive evaluation: successful B2B communication should include these features if they are to come first in this category. It must be clear that synergies have been created and used to their advantage.

In order to achieve business goals or to build trust and solidarity between product, brand and public, the focus of campaigns or projects in this category is on social media influencers, key figures who influence potential target groups. Online communication and the associated instruments are precisely tailored to these influencers. Here, vloggers, representatives or celebrities take on the role of influencers.

Disruptive campaigns are characterized by methods and approaches that are anything but ordinary. They start radical change, lead in different directions or pursue new approaches. At the same time, the access to the target group is completely unparalleled.

In order to build and strengthen a long-lasting, positive relationship between one's brand and their customers and community, clever and innovative campaigns are needed. This category celebrates new strategies that, in supporting brand relationships go beyond the usual concepts and break new ground.

Public acceptance of businesses is increasingly linked to their social and environmental activities. Corporate social responsibility practices give companies and organisations the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the world through their social and environmental commitment. Digital communication in this field should apply a transparent, credible and comprehensive approach.

Media & Tools

The corporate website is the face of the organisation, company, association or institution in the digital world. Without a website, there is no online communication, regardless of its scope and design. This category honours a website whose content, navigation, functions and design meet the highest standards and optimally fulfil the individual communication goals.

A corporate career website is an important tool for many companies and their recruiting activities. This category recognizes a page that impresses with its clear layout, functional operation, concise approach and a balanced amount of informational content.

The microsite for a product, a specific target group or a campaign impresses with just a few pages and a low level of navigation. It appeals to visitors in a more targeted manner as a supplement to their main online presence, has its own URL and can function independently of topic and design. This category honours the most innovative, independent small internet presence.

Companies in customer service increasingly use chat bots and messengers. Their use saves a lot of work, no matter whether it concerns purchase advice, weather forecasts or intelligence services. The popularity of digital assistants is increasing rapidly. In this category, we invite you to wow us with your innovative use of chat bots and messengers.

Annual reports have evolved from the traditional form in print format to digital publication in which emotions are awakened with modern, media-friendly technology and success is effectively presented. The award for the Digital Annual Report of the Year goes to an innovative report that uses the variety of interactive possibilities and appeals to readers with special quality and outstanding design.

It is important to gain readership groups through professional content. Various channels can be specialized and target specific groups according to occupation or interests, but also address a wide range of the public. The Digital Communication Award in this category is given to the channel that is clearly structured and outlines the company's messages. At the same time, it encourages stakeholders and consumers to connect with operators to gain better insights, which also includes the own employees. Examples of channels are blogs, podcasts, newsrooms or digital magazines.

A target group-facing social media presence is an integral part of digital communication. The best are characterised by authenticity, credibility and transparency. In this category, the Digital Communication Award will be given to the platform that takes target group needs, preferences and limitations in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other online communities into account. It uses dialogue options with a customized and appealing presentation of the channel's messages.

Smartphones ensure constant accessibility and enable intervention in digital events at any time. Apps provide extensive functionality and enable efficient use of various web applications. This category of the Digital Communication Awards honours outstanding and pioneering innovations in the field of apps in this category.

Short Videos can be creative commercials, product videos or any other type of content visualized as a mini-video. The DCA in this category goes to the best short clip of max. 2 minutes that stands out with its innovative take of transporting the most important messages in this short timespan, while also having a great visual impact.

Image films and videos can gain unprecedented popularity. It is important to give the sender a profile and to increase his online presence. Coordinated images and music can inspire positive emotions, create trust and arouse curiosity. The award for best image film and video of the year goes to the submission that convinces through its innovation and narrative power, integration of digital characteristics, use of modern technology and is superior to other films by their original content-thematic approach. It has to be at least 2 minutes long.

Video series are an excellent way to spread messages to audiences in depth. Whether they are testimonials or demonstrations of a new software, a filmed lecture or something funny - people enjoy watching videos. This insight is also crucial for companies. This category honours the video series with the best story, powerful images and surprising elements.

Online communication and its tools play an important role in employee communications, often based on an intranet. The winner in this category offers an optimally manageable user interface. The App and/or Intranet accelerates and optimizes internal information flows as well as organizational processes. The intranet of the year is adapted to individual needs and ensures transparency in all functions.

Academic Entries

Submissions in this category contribute to the development of scientific theory and fill the gaps in online communications research. The winning entry provides a thorough academic treatment of the subject, including a clear focus on practical application.


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