Find all the information for entry requirements, the live pitches and the Award show on this website.

1. General

Digital communication has become one of the fastest growing sectors. The Quadriga University of Applied Sciences launched the Digital Communication Awards in 2011 as a European competition in online communications on both a practical and academic level. An expert Jury formed by leading practitioners and academics rate outstanding online projects and campaigns from across Europe. The application process of comprised of an online application via an online submission system (intranet) and a live pitch in Berlin on 20 September 2019.

The Digital Communication Awards are hosted by the Quadriga Media. Their aim is to advance the careers of high-level professionals eager to further their horizon through interdisciplinary, practice-oriented education.

Yes, you can receive points in the following ranking:

PR Journal (Germany): 8 points for winning projects / 2 points for shortlist nomination

Applications to the DCA are made online via the DCA intranet. The Jury will vote on all categories online and determine a shortlist (3-5 nominees per category), which will be published by the end of July 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will pitch their project live to the Jury on 20.09.2019 in Berlin. This is a second and mandatory application step. The winners will be determined based on this short oral presentation. In the evening of 20.09.2019, the winners in all categories will be announced at the Award show in Berlin.

2. Eligibility

The following are eligible to enter the Digital Communication Awards: agencies and companies, associations and NGOs, political parties, institutions and individuals in the field of online communication.

Either the client or the implementing agency can apply. Should a client and its agency submit the same project; the submission will be considered as a joint application. In case of being shortlisted or winning, both the client and the agency are named.

Any project created or published between July 2018 and June 2019 may participate in the competition. The major part of the project must have occurred during this time frame, but it is not necessary for it to have been completed during the eligibility period.

As long as your project has been launched in the required timeframe you may enter the competition. Keep in mind that you are asked to present your results in the application. Presenting results of a fairly new project might be tough. In this case, you might want to convince the jury with your strategy and implementation – put some extra effort into these sections of the application form.

3. Application

You can apply online by creating an account at http://application.digital-awards.eu

1. Application
For each application, information about the organisation and agency (if applicable) is requested. Submissions will exclusively be digital.

2. General information about the project or campaign
Each submitted entry should contain the following information:
• Summary of the project at a maximum length of 400 characters (including spaces) – Please note: This summary will be published when being shortlisted.
• Time frame of the project

• Budget (not a mandatory field, information will not be published)
• Number of employees who worked on the project

3. Project Description
A short description of max. 2,000 characters (including spaces) must be provided including the following:
• Initial situation leading to the project or campaign
• Objectives of the project
• Strategic considerations
• Details of the implementation
• Summary and measurement of results achieved
• A cover picture representing your  project or campaign (maximum 1 MB)

4. Additional Material and Links
Accompanying materials are limited to three documents. Therefore, additional illustrative material should be carefully selected. Examples of possible illustrative documents are planning documents, press releases, images, PowerPoint presentations (no more than 10 slides) and movies. One document equates to one file. In addition, you can specify up to six links to websites, social media platforms, intranet sites, or online videos.

The deadline for the submissions is 04 June 2019, Late Deadline: 14 June, Final Deadline: 24 June. A surcharge of 120 Euro (late deadline) and 170 Euro (final deadline) applies. There is no disadvantage if you submit for the late or final deadline when it comes to the online voting.

The following formats are acceptable:

For texts: pdf
For images: jpg/jpeg, gif, png
For videos/movies: mov, flv, avi (in the highest possible quality, maximum 50 MB, under 3 minutes, or as a link to a website where the movie can be seen)
For presentations: pdf, ppt (Ideally you convert ppt files to pdf format; maximum of 10 slides)

If you send larger files via WeTransfer, please make sure that the link is valid through 20 September 2019!

The categories will be updated soon as we want to stay close to the newest focus topics in PR and Communications! But we will include as many categories listed from 2018 as we can.



Until midnight on 04 June 2019, every application costs between 190 and 390 Euros plus VAT. More detailed information will follow soon.

During the Late Deadline between 05 June and 14 June, every application comes with a late fee of 120 Euros. During the Final Deadline between 15 June and 24 June, every application comes with a final fee of 170 Euros.

Invoices will be issued upon receipt of the completed application documents. Sent applications cannot be cancelled.

Participation in the categories “Best Bachelor’s Thesis” and “Best Master’s Thesis” are exempt of the submission fee.

Tickets for the Award show need to be purchased separately.

Award show

The tickets for the award show can be purchased after publication of the shortlist. The first and second ticket cost 350 Euro plus VAT. Each additional ticket costs 290 Eurso plus VAT. Attending the Award show is not mandatory in order to win the Award. The Award would be sent to you whereas the shipping cost has to be paid by you.

Further fees

There are no costs involved for being nominated or winning the Digital Communication Awards in one of our categories. The trophy, logos, inclusion in our digital winner booklet and the certificate comes free of charge.

The categories will be updated soon as we want to stay close to the newest focus topics in PR and Communications! But we will include as many categories listed from 2018 as we can.


The number of submissions is not limited. A project may be submitted in different categories.

Again: Each application costs between 190 and 390 Euro plus VAT until midnight on 4 June 2019. Between 5 June and 14 June, each application comes with a late fee of 120 Euro. Between 15 June and 24 June, each application comes with a late fee of 170 Euro.

Applications need to be filled out in English. Supporting material can be in original language. It is important for all our Jury members to fully understand the projects or campaigns. We recommend to hand in videos in English language or with English subtitles – but again: this isn’t a requirement.

Absolutely, this is an integral part of the application. Reflecting on your original campaign/project objectives, please state how did you measure them and whether you have achieved them. Please also elaborate on the monitoring strategy and the tools and devices you used. What did you monitor while the campaign or project unfolded? When and how often did you monitor it? How did the insight gained, inform your project? We recommend to have a look at the following links:

AMECorg social media framework

DPRG framework

The nominees of the shortlist will be announced by the beginning of August after the Jury has evaluated all entries. All participants will be informed via e-mail.

4. Judging

The Jury will evaluate the applications on the following criteria:

Strategy: The Jury will assess the strategic approach of each entry and the fit between the chosen strategy and the development of the project, as well as the integration of the various communication tools.

Innovation/ Creativity: The Jury will assess the question of whether new technical or strategic methods were pursued and evaluate the creativity of the project both in concept and implementation.

Implementation: The Jury will assess continuity and quality of communication or dialogue with the target group(s) as well as the management and internal organisation of the project.

Results and Efficiency: The Jury will consider the results of a project in relation to the stated targets, as well as the resources used towards achieving the results.

We are always looking to recruit the brightest in-house communication professionals across Europe to judge the the most innovative projects and campaigns in digital communications. As a Jury member, you will evaluate projects submitted for the current competition period (commencing March 2019) in an online voting (June/July). You will assess projects and campaigns from various categories according to their innovative potential, creativity, strategy, implementation as well as the results they gained. In a one-day Jury meeting in Berlin, the shortlisted candidates will present their cases to you. If you have led a team or have acquired years of experience in the digital communications industry and care about nurturing talent and building positive perceptions of the digital communications community, we want to hear from you. Send us a short application via email!

After the application deadline, the Jury reviews all submissions and determines a shortlist of three to five nominees in each category. The shortlist will be announced at the beginning of August and the nominees will be informed immediately. In an all-day Jury meeting in Berlin on 20 September 2019, the shortlisted entrants will present their projects in an 8-minute oral presentation to the Jury. The Jury will determine the winners after the meeting has finished.

Jury members can propose projects of their company. In the further decision process in this category, the Jury member will not be part of the evaluation.

All material will remain confidential to the judges. Judges are not allowed to judge any entries submitted on behalf of their company. In case you are shortlisted, we will only publish the short general description of your projects as indicated in your application form.

5. Live Pitch

In an all-day Jury meeting held in Berlin on 20 September 2019, the shortlisted entrants from the categories 01 – 37 will pitch their projects to the Jury. The short presentation is an integral part of the application process and is, therefore, a prerequisite for winning the Digital Communication Awards. Should it not be possible to present your project in person, the Jury will choose the next best-rated application from the pre-shortlisted entrants. In this case, you will lose your nomination. The presentation cannot be substituted by a presentation via Skype, Google+ etc.

You will receive a slot as soon as we have prepared the schedule for the day. This may take up one to two weeks after the shortlist announcement in August. You will receive the exact time on the day of the Jury meeting (20 September).

The live pitch of shortlisted projects will take place at Quadriga Forum in Berlin Mitte, close to Gendarmenmarkt and Brandenburg Gate.

The Jury members will judge the presentations in small groups. The presentations will take place in seven rooms. You can customize the presentation to your liking but within the given time frame of 8 minutes. We recommend presenting with no more than three people. But this is up to you. The format of the presentation doesn‘t need to comply with the structure of the online application.

Allotted time for your presentation:
– Preparation, setting up your presentation (2 Min.)
– Presentation (8 Min.)
– Questions from the Jury (5 Min.)
– Jury discussion (internal without presenters) (5 Min.)

You will receive the exact time on the day of the Jury meeting in Berlin. Nominees are travelling to Berlin from all across Europe. In case there are delays or strikes, we need to be flexible and shift presentations within a slot.

We provide laptops in the presentation rooms and kindly ask you to bring your presentation on a USB stick. You may bring your own laptop but keep in mind that you need to set it up within two minutes prior to your pitch. We cannot provide adaptors for Apple products and other devices and we kindly ask you to bring these individually.

Since the DCA are an international Award, the pitch language is English.

The Jury meeting and presenting your project to the Jury is free of charge. If you would like to attend the Award Show in the evening, please purchase your ticket via our website.

6. Award show

The final winners will be announced at the Award show on 20 September 2019. The award show will take place at Kino International in Berlin. Participation in the Award show is not mandatory to win the Awards. Tickets for the award show have to be purchased separately.

The tickets for the Award Show can be purchased after publication of the shortlist. The first and second ticket costs 350 Euros plus VAT. Each additional ticket costs 290 Euros plus VAT.

There are many reasons to join (apart from receiving your Award in front of almost 400 PR-professionals from across Europe):

Benefit from what will be a fantastic networking opportunity and a celebration of Europe’s finest PR achievements.

Mingle with brands and agencies and forge meaningful relationships.

Motivate your team and spend a glamorous night out in Germany’s capital city.

Celebrate and announce your success with your peers and clients.

The DCA 2019 will be held at Kino International, Karl-Marx-Allee 33, 10178 Berlin: https://www.yorck.de/kinos/kino-international

Please be aware that there will be open theatre style seating. That means you will be seated in rows and not on tables. There will be plenty of space at the event location and a reservation will not be necessary.

Flying dinner will be served after the presentation of Awards and includes a starter, main course and dessert.

If a winner does not pick up their trophy at the Award show, we will send it via mail. Postage will be invoiced to the winner.